Friday, January 4, 2013

Party on a Friday Night!

Daddy got to spend the day with Esther, and I was able to be with the kids. Anthony and the kids have returned to Fort Collins for a few days. When Esther is discharged she will return to Brent's Place for a month or so, I am guessing we will all be able to be together in Fort Collins following her radiation, hopefully by mid February.

Esther's continued trend of being a night owl was embraced, it is Friday night after all. Her request to accompany her movie, Tangled, was ice chips. We all know how much I enjoy a nice, soft piece of ice.

She'll probably need platelets in the night, but she didn't get them yesterday. YAY!

I just tallied up her various procedures, infusions, etc. for the Beads of Courage program. I haven't turned in a sheet since the last time I wrote about this. This is all of her beads from the beginning of this journey. Some of these, like pokes and fevers are probably a bit under the mark, but this what I could recall going back through the blog. I'm glad for a chronicle of this journey. God has done so much, carrying Esther (and us) through....


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