Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting To Feel Better

Esther's ANC is over 3000 today. She is getting a medicine that encourages her body to produce white blood cells, so it's coming up fast. In the next couple of days we will stop this medicine to see how capable her body is of making white cells on it's own. Her counts will likely dip again with out the growth factor, but not drastically low.

We also lowered the continual rate on her pain pump and she did great. She still has a button to push as needed, but this is another step toward recovery. The sores in her mouth are getting better and she even had a few bites of a blue slushy! It came right back up, but I was proud of her for trying. She's also swallowing her oral medicines easier. Good progress!

Another platelet transfusion today, this will be the real hurdle to dishcharge. Thanks to everyone who has donated or spread the word, yesterday the donor center was full. I'm sure that was a refreshing change for the blood bank and made a difference even this morning as Esther's platelet transfusion didn't need special approval. Keep up the good work! If you're not in Colorado, Taylor can use them for her upcoming stem cell transplant in Kansas City, Andy can use them in Portland, OR, and Boden, Collin, and Jenna can use them here. These are a few of the families we've met along this journey. They are all in different stages of their treatment, but all have needed transfusions at one point or another. It's neat to see the platelets come up as I wonder who has been the life saver today. I pray for and praise God for each donor as I see life dripping down into Esther's body.

We can not tell you how thankful we are all for all of your continued prayer and support. Here's some smiles from our day.

This is what she thinks about this after bath hospital perk....




FaceTime with the crazies...

Looking at the Christmas lights. I'm guessing they will take them down tomorrow, so we had to get one last view. They are images from the 12 Days of Christmas, from our window she can see 11 Pipers Piping, 10 Lords a Leaping, 9 Ladies Dancing and 7 Swans a Swimming. I wish she could leave the room to see the rest of the days. Maybe next year we'll be here for a check up, and she can see them then.

These are Esther's IV meds for tonight. Whew...that's a big plate of meds. She has to be taking most of these orally before discharge. We are so thankful she's a good medicine taker!


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  1. Oh Esther is looking so great! I know someone else who loves warm blankets too! You're sweet to mention Andy. I feel the same way every time Andy gets blood products - so very thankful for the person who stepped up to save a life. I'm sure many don't realize the magnitude of their act. Praying she has a great day today and can eat something and it will stay in her tummy. You're in the home stretch, hang in there!