Monday, March 4, 2013

Checking In Today

Zinnia, Rourke, and I had a busy weekend getting our house ready for Esther's homecoming.

One gift in this separation has been an opportunity for our other kids to foster deeper friendships. Rourke and Zinnia have especially bonded.

Zinnia wore this cape the entire weekend. It was a sweet gift to our girls from a thoughtful little girl in Utah. She wore it proudly taking huge, fast steps to make it fly. When she put on the tutu and her hat, I think she looked like a vintage pilot ballerina.

Esther will check in this morning to begin the antibody portion of her therapy. She has been taking medicine to tell her body to make tons of white blood cells. When she gets to the hospital she'll be give. A drug that will tell those cells to attack any cells that look like neuroblastoma.

Please pray they are quick learners and find any microscopic cells hiding in her body. Pray for them to be like Jehu and that this cancer will never come back.

One side effect is that nerve sheath cells look similar to neuroblastoma, and those can also be attacked. This is one if the reasons she will be in the hospital, it can be painful, so she will be given heavy duty pain medicine. Please pray Anthony and her nurses would be quick to find the right amount of pain meds.


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