Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snow Day and Thursday is only FOUR days away!

Last week my dad, aunt and Grandpa got to come up for a little bit. My grandpa has been excited to give the kids their Christmas gifts. Since life was so crazy at Christmas time, everyone has been patient. We had a very nice time, and it was so wonderful to see them.

The weather even gave us a wintery ambiance to enjoy our Christmas gifts. Esther was SO excited to go out. She loves the snow and was out for probably four hours. The only reason she, Rourke, and Frannie came in is because the CSU game was starting...poor Rammies. Zinnia and Lydia didn't last long, they never do.

After several rounds of this game, the winter loving crew and Anthony headed up the hill and tried to sled, but the snow wasn't slippery enough. I was so proud of Esther walking all the way up the huge hill by our house. Anthony was such a trooper and stayed out with them the whole time.

They wanted to build a mountain as tall as Esther.

Anthony filled buckets up and the kids pressed the snow together.

Then they decided it would be a volcano and they dug tunnels through the mountain.

They went on to build another mountain with a tunnel big enough to craw through. I remember building those as a kid and being so terrified it would fall on me, but not terrified enough to stop going through. I also remember something like this as a kid...

My dad used to take us ice fishing, and I always thought it was so cool to put my drink in the snow next to my dad's. I loved Rourke's intuition to keep his water cold by stuffing it in the snow and the memories it brings to my mind. *happy sigh*

There have been some good guesses as to what really cool thing is coming in just FOUR more days.

  1. 100 days post transplant? That's a good, close guess, but Thursday is 99 days post transplant.
  2. I will announce my discovery for keeping rabbits out of my flowers and garden. I will call it "Mr. McGregor." No...but Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail don't like garlic, so I sprinkle garlic powder on my bulbs as they come out of the ground. It helps, only a couple are coming up a bit chewed.
  3. The Grow With Me Sale load in day and preview party? Although, over the past four years that has been one of my favorite days after all of the planning and preparing that goes into getting ready. The Grow With Me Sale is a fundraiser for the Ft. Collins Parents of Multiples Club and Northern Colorado's biggest and best baby and kids consignment sale. Just because it's been a fun project of mine to help organized over the last four years, I don't think I'm biased, it's really great! The sale is Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30th at The Ranch in Loveland, CO. They have great goodie bags this year for the first 1500 shoppers...look for the Fine Edge Paintless Dent Repair coupon. Casey is my brother-in-law and does GREAT work!


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