Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Something's gonna happen

My ever generous grandparents built for me a childhood full of wonderful memories at a cabin they've shared with all of us. One memory I have is of this sign posted by the front door.

I fell for this tease many times. I just didn't believe it. I asked each of my grandparents what happened, my mom and dad, my aunts. Everyone just replied, "nothing," and then had a chuckle. As a stubborn teen I, teenagers are foolish. Now I enjoy chuckling at myself...really it was nothing.

However, I would like to change this sign up a bit because...

On this site, in 7 days, something really cool is going to happen.


One more thing...would you all please pray for Justin. He's a bit of a hero in the neuroblastoma world, facing his 5th relapse. He has scans today to see how far this most recent relapse has gone and if the radiation and low dose chemo he has been doing helped. He lives in Aurora, and I've met him and his mom a few times. He's a very sweet, kind cancer fighting ninja, and his mom is an inspirational, supportive woman.


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