Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rough Day for Esther but a Good Close to the Day

Today was easily the hardest day of the week so far for Esther. Her stomach pain was just gnawing at her and got worse as the day went along. It was frustrated to watch and help because it seemed like the only suggestion made was to just keep upping her pain meds which I've questioned them being a part of her stomach pain. She did finally go poop and get a bunch of gas out after two days of not much GI activity which helped later in the day.

The only thing that really got her going today? More painting. This time Ali brought some water color supplies and Esther painted a bit in the morning and later in the afternoon. It was the only time I saw her perk up in the afternoon was when we resumed our water color painting of Cinderella and her carriage!

Tonight Sam and I were blessed to share a little of our lives with some of the key folks that support Brent's Place. It was a huge blessing to us to get out and talk a little about what a blessing Brent's Place and its amazing staff and volunteers and supporters have been to us. The food and adult beverages and company were refreshing but my favorite part was just being able to be with my wife! The kids hung out with Mr Allen at Brent's Place and Manga came and stayed with Esther for a bit.

When I got back to the hospital to relieve Manga, the nurse, Ms Katie, and I figured out what may have been not helping Esther over the past day or two. Her nausea meds had only been ordered as needed, even after the first day of figuring out her nausea, and she hadn't even had Zofran in at least a day! I should've caught but wasn't really consulted and lost track of all the meds she's been on this week. It was a big miscommunication with poor assumptions made but I think it really added to Esther's rough day as her nausea started again and she had no appetite. We got it figured out and I won't make that assumption again as we move forward, she seems to need those anti-nausea meds in a big way with the treatment and the pain killers that she is on. By the time I write this, her heart rate and breathing rate are the lowest I've seen them since Monday!

Tomorrow is the final antibody infusion and hopefully the last day of this hard week of pain for Esther. The infusion should finish tomorrow night and then she'll be discharged at some point on Friday. Then, we should be heading home! Sam and the kids have been packing up our stuff at Brent's Place and will head back to Fort Collins tomorrow to make final preparations for Esther's arrival home.

It's a bit scary to actually be all heading home! Brent's Place has been such a refuge away from home during this journey through the valley of the shadow of death the past 4 months. Our kids love it. Esther loves Brent's Place. We can't speak enough of the amazing staff - all of them - and how they have made our lives a bit easier and supported us through some of the hardest times for Esther. I don't think we'll be able to stop supporting and visiting Brent's Place no matter what the future holds. Rourke already said he wants to work there when he grows up!

A friend loves at all times,

and a brother is born for adversity. (Proverbs 17:17)

Our friend Collin was discharged today to Brent's Place! Our older 4 and some other Brent's Place siblings were outside playing with him late in the day and he was running around like a wild man, like nothing happened, he just happened to be wearing a mask and had no hair! It was a very sweet sight. Collin, finish that Lego Death Star and we hope you never have to be inpatient here again!

Better is a neighbor who is near

than a brother who is far away. (Proverbs 27:10c)

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