Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mommy, My Eyes are Watery

Yesterday was very busy getting everything ready for Esther's anticipated homecoming. This was the most fun project of the day.

We weren't sure if Esther was going to be able to make it home, but we wanted to be prepared.
All four kiddos worked together to draw Belle, Esther's favorite Disney Princess. Rourke drew her head and crown, Frannie drew her dress, Lydia tackled the hair (including the bun), and Zinnia helped with the hair.
Each of the kids added their personal touches to the poster. This is Zinnia's drawing of super hero Daddy flying Esther home. His alter ego must be a bug....
Rourke drew a ton of sharks. There is a book called "Chemo Shark" that inspired him to make sure the cancer knows who's boss, "aaaaa..."
Late in the day Anthony let me know they were on their way. When they got close we called my sister and her kiddos. They only live a few houses away (HUGE blessing), so Robin got her kiddos out of bed and they ran down to our house just in time.

We haven't gotten around to taking the Christmas lights down, and I've felt a little silly. Last night the silliness was erased because it was GREAT to be able to add to Esther's arrival with twinkly lights.

When we saw the headlights come down the hill to our house the kids started running across our front yard toward the street. I was impressed they didn't tear the banner! They sort of looked like a school of fish, all moving together. They were jumping up and down, full of delighted squeals and shouts.

Zinnia ran right over to her sister. She kept saying over and over, "Mommy, she's so beautiful." Esther had been sleeping and was a bit disoriented.

In the end we got a smile out of her. It took a few "hics."


As we were tucking the kids into bed Frannie ran out to me and said, "Mommy, my eyes are watery. I think it's because I'm just so happy that Esther's home."

Me too, baby girl. Me too.


  1. There was lots of watery eyes over here when we saw the pictures last night! So happy she's home :')

  2. So wonderful....happy tears for all of you!

  3. Makes my eyes watery too - so very happy for your family!!!

  4. We don't know each other, but I've been with you the whole journey - so glad she's home!

  5. What a precious, precious family. SO glad you got to celebrate this HUGE milestone with the entire family. Praise God!

  6. So happy to hear! My boys are still praying for Esther! They don't know her but ask God to heal her and watch over her family! I can't wait to tell them she is home. Tears on this end too! Praise the Lord! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

    The Lloyds