Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Little Artist

Esther painting

Esther has had a better day today. She slept well once things settled down last night. Her stomach still seems to be in pain but I think we’ve taken care of her nausea. Her meal of choice today: string cheese sticks. She ate 3 of them by lunchtime!

The meds are starting to pile up though. Around 2pm today, the lack of sleep and everything just finally hit her and she for over 3 hours. We have been pre-treating her for bronchial spasms today just in case and she hasn’t had anymore problems (yet!?). But her blood pressure has been lower and she spiked a fever. All of this is common for antibody treatment.

Esther harmonica

Esther has become a little artist. It’s hard for me to remember our older 3 and how they were when they were 4 but Esther seems more sophisticated and thoughtful in her art work. Over the weekend and this week I’ve watched her doodle with a pencil in a little notebook, color in a few coloring books, and paint on a blank construction paper. She’s drawn music notes, her siblings, herself with long hair, wrote letters, and just played with mixing colors. She is so thoughtful in it. I’ve noticed Lydia pays attention to detail and accuracy while Esther and Frannie just get immersed in their drawings and painting. It’s more than fun to them, it’s in their wiring and it’s very cool. I was very thankful for the child life specialist, Ali, today and how she’s just unleashed Esther to just paint to her heart’s content.

Our friend Collin should get discharged and be heading to Brent’s Place tomorrow! This kiddo who is Frannie & Lydia’s age has been through so much, spending over 3 months here in the fall and almost 60 days here in 2013 for transplant in a fight against AML Leukemia. We’ve mentioned them before, including his mom who also has been dealing with a rare cancer (ACC). They are such a sweet family and have blessed us with their heart for Jesus and their fragrance of Him. It’s hard to explain the fears of the future and how, as hard as treatment has been, you might be right back here in year or more. You have no choice but to keep wrestling with and trusting the Lord.

Wreck It Ralph

In other news, Esther is enjoying her first viewing of Wreck It Ralph as I write this. Such a good fun film littered with gospel themes! It’s worth watching with your kids. What makes us who we are? The fact we are loved and it can’t simply be earned. The root of who we is not defined by our performance. And beyond the film, we know we are loved by the One person who matters above all else and who does not change and will never forsake us. The more we come to grips with that truth and who He is, the more we will be transformed.

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  1. We are thinking of you. Our small group spent some time praying for Esther and your family tonight.