Thursday, July 5, 2012


We went in for Esther's check-up and a shot to help her body build more white blood cells. Esther had fallen asleep in my lap and felt warm, so I asked if they would take her temperature. She had a fever so they drew blood to check her counts and then gave her some tylenol to bring her temp down.

Her white blood cell counts had dropped a lot from the day before and her red blood count was also low. This is totally normal chemo activity, but it's sooner than most kids experience the drops. Wednesday her white blood cell count 6 and today it was 1.8, the normal range is 4.0-12.0. Because of the fever and the quick drop ( they asked Esther and I to stay in Denver and come back tomorrow (Friday).

It was supposed to be a quick appointment, but ended up being over 3 hours and I wasn't prepared, so too much time went between anti-nausea meds and she got sick. Vomit is a quick I know I need to bring her meds with me. I also realized today that we will need to be ready to stay at the hospital at a moment's notice and need to have a bag ready.

I am thankful this happened at the hospital and we didn't have to come back from Fort Collins. I'm glad to know that her counts have dropped quickly and that now is the time we need to really protect her from illness. God allowed her to have this fever for a reason. Without it, they wouldn't have done blood work today and we wouldn't have had any idea how low and how quickly her counts had fallen. Please pray we will be able to go home to Fort Collins tomorrow.

I had my first public freak out tonight at Walgreens when the cashier closed her drawer early and couldn't check me out while I was buying some chemo safe gloves to clean up after Esther. I had already been to a different store and they didn't have what I needed. I just stared crying right there in Walgreens with my gloves, tylenol, and thermometer, blubbering that I just needed to buy these gloves to clean up my daughter's chemo vomit. The poor cashier. A nice pharmacist checked me out and was very understanding.

A friend sent me this verse that her dad, who is a doctor, shared with her about our journey. It was encouraging to me.

From I Samuel 14:6 "Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few."
He shared that God will use many to help in Esther's battle against this disease but only One will deliver and so we look for help from the many and pray to the One who delivers us.

We are thankful for the many...the many prayers, the many health professionals. God is Esther's deliverer, yours and mine too.


  1. He is. He is Deliverer. We are in His hands. In His hands.

  2. Wow, Sam, Mom asks about Esther every day and as a nurse, she prays for you all a LOT! I am glad that this fever was a good warning sign for you to be diligent - even though it caused some chaos. I hope she stays well protected through her treatment.

    PS: You can get nitrile gloves at K-Mart for pretty cheap. I used them for lab once, and they are protective from chemicals. I hope that helps!

  3. Oh Sam! My heart just breaks for you guys! Thinking of you at the drug store! You are so strong and brave and Trusting in the one who really CAN comfort and give peace. I am praying...several times a day we pray for Esther and your family! Love you Sam! A Lot!