Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whisper Your Love

I first learned about The Blackthorne Project from Emily, our friend, Thomas' mom. She had posted a song on one of her updates about Thomas' cancer journey.

Ever since that first song, The Mud Song, thier music has been at the top of our playlists. Take a listen, they are good. I think what I enjoy the most is that it's honest music with imagery that moves me. The lyrics are real in all of life's joy and pain, yet hopeful.

Today I've been listening to this song, Whisper Your Love. I put the lyrics below and am not techy enough on an ipad to figure out how to put the song here too, but go listen to it and all their songs, you will be blessed & encouraged.

when I'm small
when I'm helpless
when I'm scared to leave the place where I hide
when my head is loud
but full of nothing
o how I need the sound of your voice

everytime I cry
help me remember

your love is so great you lift up my heavy heart
you break off the ropes that burn my skin
your love is so great you set me in open fields
you whisper your love, you whisper your love

when I'm small
when I'm helpless
when I've believed all the lies I've been told
when I'm tangled up in lesser loves
o how I need the strength of your touch


from Reckless, released 15 August 2010
Laura Elizabeth Thornton & Tim F Thornton (Bricklayer Music Publishing, ASCAP)


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  1. Every time I read your blog I am back in time in an instant. What encourages me most is our God's never ending pursuit of us both during this incredibly hard time. You are seeing Him everywhere and feeling Him wrap His arms around you like never before and you will look back on this time and be so thankful that you know Him deeper because of all of the pain. I am constantly lifting you up in prayer sis, you are not alone.