Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Princess Rock Star

Meet Esther, she's a rock star!
Hmm, what do you think about my style?
Check it out from the side.
See, it's pretty rockin' on the top.
I think.....
...I'm a rock star. Even Sleeping Beauty faints at my radness.

This Princess Rock Star broke out, ran for the door, jumped in the car and ate pizza for dinner at home. She even went wild and watched a puppet show put on by her groupies, Rourke, Lydia & Frannie. The stuffed animals swooned over the celebrity in their midst, this Princess Rock Star. She's scheduled for a quick encore performance Thursday at Children's in Denver, but we're praying to the Rock that she remains fever free. Her Stage Manager, Daddy, is primed to take out any thermometer reading above 101 and perhaps thrash a hospital room or two. You never know what will happen with these Rock Star types.


  1. Cute pictures and very creative post :) I'm glad she got to go home for a bit!

    Mom says:
    She looks so happy. I continue to pray for her to have a wonderful week at home.

  2. Out freaking standing!!!! U ROCK Esther!!! :-)

  3. Awe.some. Can I be her groupie too??

  4. I love that you all are finding joy in this! We continue to pray. Love you!

  5. What a beautiful rock star, you can't miss the shining light!

  6. I fully intend to be a devote follower of this particular rock star! Many blessings to your family Sam!

  7. Sweet Esther, you are the fairest of all :)

  8. I'm a fan!!bGreat post Sam :)

  9. #1 fan. And I'm still jealous and I think I see 4 princess in that picture and the one on the bed is the most beautiful of all