Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nothing like an all nighter....

Thank you for all of the responses and eager questions about donating platelets. It's looking more and more like Esther's going to need a bunch.

Last night we pulled our first all all nighter of nose bleeds. Esther's transfusion parameters are already higher than normal, but after last night, the doctors increased her parameters even further.

Her first nose bleed began about 12:30am and lasted about 20 minutes. It wasn't gushing, so that is good, but was a steady drip. There is a nasal spray that constricts the blood vessels, this helped to stop the bleed. Esther's nurse drew her labs and sent them down right away to get the process rolling for her to get platelets. We were up for about 45 minutes between the bleed and then sucking out the mucous. I laid down about 1:15am

Well, about 2:45am she had another nose bleed lasting over 10 minutes. We got that one stopped as we waited for platelets to arrive. She was doing okay, I laid back down only to get right back up for another nose bleed. This pattern continued all night, even after her transfusion. Add in an upset stomach from the blood and gallons of mucous, it was just a really long, yucky night.

The general transfusion parameter for the oncology kids here is 10. Esther's was bumped to 20 because of her nose bleeds. BMT parameters require transfusion at 20, so they had already bumped her up to 30. After last night, if her platelets are below 40, she'll require a transfusion. The nurse said that will likely be every day, maybe even twice.

So...blood and platelets are in demand! So many of you have asked a questions about donating blood products here at Children's, THANK YOU! There's even some California girls in town for Christmas who are going to donate.

Several have asked if the blood or platelets can go directly to Esther. The answer to that is maybe. I need to verify, I think there is a waiver I need to sign to allow someone to donate specifically for Esther's use. Also, Esther's bloodtype is A+. I remember something about only transfusing Esther's bloodype unless there is a shortage of A+, then they will use the universal donor's list. I will look into this on Monday and let you know. Thank you so much! This really is a gift of life for the kids receiving your blood or platelets!

If you'd like to learn more about donating blood or platelets at Children's you can visit this website:

For informaion about platelet donation, visit this website

They are very quick to respond either by email or phone and are always eager for donors! Thanks for all the desire to help. Sorry for typos and strange text...I pulled an all nighter and it's caught up to me!



  1. I just happen to be in Denver (visiting from Chicago) - I'll see if they are open tomorrow. Your girl is so beautiful and I'd love to help.

  2. Oh gosh, it's so hard running on little/no sleep. Will continue to pray for sweet Esther's recovery. Andy requires platelets at a higher level too (around 50) because of his blood disorder and being on blood thinners. Such a roller coaster ride, hang in there. (((HUGS)))