Monday, December 17, 2012

Ribbon and Lights

I wouldn't say I'm ever really excited to come to the hospital. Tonight I was nearly giddy...I get to see Esther! I have missed her terribly. A week is a long time to go without seeing your little girl, especially when she's in such a precarious state.

When I finally made it to her room she was very sleepy, but after just a little bit she perked right up. Her sweet nurse, Rebecca, said it was the most she'd seen her talk all day. She walked me through the photo book I made of her family, showing me all of her favorite pictures of herself, her brother and sisters, cousins, and other various family members.

Anthony has done an amazing job of setting her into a good routine. I am so thankful for his diligence to work for her benefit, he has been a good teacher. She impresses all the nurses with her attitudes toward taking medicine and care related tasks. Praise God for her disposition, He has prepared her well to endure with such grace.

Tonight at Brent's Place Anthony and the kids got to celebrate Zinnia and Esther's birthday with lovely cake from a Denver bakery called DBar, apparently the pastry chef who opened this dessert dining experience is a regular on Food Network. Brent's Place gets all of their cakes from this restaurant and honestly, they are incredibly delicious!

Zinnia was so excited about her princess cake, complete with a tiara and wand. She was thouroughly dissapointed with the cake I bought for she and and Esther's early birthday celebration, so I'm glad tonight she got her dream cake.

We've always given our twins two separate cakes and sung Happy Birthday twice. Tonight was the same. Zinnia's princess cake was enjoyed by everyone at Brent's and tomorrow Anthony will bring Esther's smaller ballerina cake for us to enjoy here. Zinnia did a great job blowing out her candles and thanks to the magic of FaceTime and a wave of Anthony's hand (no need for anyone to actually blow on the cake of the girl with no immune system), Esther "blew" out the candles on her cake as well. FaceTime has been a wonderful gift over these last couple of months, it cheers Esther so much to see her brother and sisters. We have shared meals and lots of silly faces and tonight shared a birthday celebration.

Esther and I also worked to prepare a birthday celebration in the hospital.

Not bad for ribbon and battery operated Christmas lights! The lights were a gift from a family, whom I assume, has spent a Christmas in the hospital.
I am sad to not be making our traditional Happy Birthday coffee cake to wake the sleeping birthday girls, but I am glad I get to spend the morning with at least one of them. A cool thing...Starbucks donates pastries to Brent's place and I always see coffee cake on the tray of delicousness, so the rest of the gang will get to enjoy a cinnamony treat in the morning!

Esther is doing really well. As her counts have begun to drop she is beginning to show signs of mouth sores. She also is very flushed. I noticed immediately when I came in the room that she looked like she has a sunburn. The doctor wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but will monitor it closely. Please pray for wisdom and protection from whatever may be causing this coloring in her skin. Thank you for your continued love of our family. We are incredibly blessed.



  1. Thank you Sam and Anthony for being so diligent with your blog. Happy Birthday to two very sweet little girls! We continue in prayer for your family.

  2. Happy Birthday, Zinnia! And Happy Birthday, Esther! I hope you each have - well, had - a wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday to two beautiful, sweet girls! Your precious family is always in our prayers.