Monday, December 10, 2012

Sew-ers Unite!

Aren't these A.DOR.A.BLE?!!!!!



You'd think Etsy or something like that. Some super amazing talented seamstress sewed these dolls.


Well, not Etsy, but yes, a super amazing talented seamstress did sew these. And personalize them. Zinnia's bright blonde hair and deep red lips, Esther's perfect little head and sweet smile.


The birthday girls love their dolls. I love them too.

The seamstress behind these dolls has a bigger heart than the skills required to make them. She has an idea. A very generous and kind idea.


She wants to make these dolls for other beautiful little girls without any hair.


Our friends at Brent's Place thought this would be a healing gift for so many of the little girls (and maybe their mommies too). Loosing your hair is hard and scary. This sweet doll is a gentle way to ease the fear. Isn't she peaceful?


My generous sister, Robin, wants to give each little girl staying at Brent's Place a doll. And when they finish their treatment, she wants to make them another doll, with hair. She wants to do this free of charge.


While there aren't as many children staying at Brent's place as come through the hospital, it is a fair amount. This is an undertaking beyond just one person, especially since that person is a wife and mom and takes care of my children a lot. So, she's looking for a bit of help.


A few ways you can help. First, if you are skilled in the art of sewing, would you be interested in cutting patterns for some of these dolls? Robin will provide the pattern and is happy to give a tutorial if you need help cutting the patterns.


Second, do you have any pieces of fabric or notions she can use? The dolls will need to wash well, so higher quality materials are needed. Nice, thick 100% cotton holds up well, about a half yard will make a shirt and a skirt. She also plans to make a few boy dolls, so fabric in prints appropriate for a little guy would be great! Also, if you have any pieces of lace or ribbon, high quality embroidery thread in any color, felt, or buttons left over from your own sewing project, she would be happy to use them to put loving little touches on each doll.


Thirdly, since these dolls need to wash well, the materials to make them are expensive. Robin wants to provide these dolls free of cost. She would love donations of gift cards to places like JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Mama Said Sew (local in Fort Collins).


Lastly, sometime in the coming weeks, we will have a production day where anyone who wishes can help assemble these dolls. All ranges of sewing skills will be welcome! Robin will have jobs for everyone, cutting, stuffing, assembling, embroidering the faces. This is the thing about my sister, she is so thrilled for this opportunity and wants to invite anyone who wants to be a part of the fun!


One more request. Robin has ideas to name the individual dolls, but is looking for a name for the project as a whole. Words to spur your thoughts are hope, victory, peace, healing, comfort.... What ideas do you have? Please leave your ideas in the comments below.



UPDATE: Thank you for such generous support! We are so excited to see what comes of these dolls and to see the delighted faces of the girls and boys who will love them.


Robin created an email account to help organize the doll project, so you can send any emails to



For any questions or the address to send any contributions toward the project, email us at












  1. This is an amazing idea and I think it would really benefit a lot of kids :)

    Names suggestion:

    The Healing Dolls Project

    Soft and Strong Project

    Huggable Hope Dolls

  2. Love this idea. Am going to forward onto our newly formed sewing group "Stitch Ministry Raglan" as our first shared project will be in touch. Blessings,
    from here in NewZealand

  3. I'm sharing the idea with a sewing group i know too. I'll keep in touch to hopefully do some in the near future do you have a deadline at which they need to be done?