Monday, December 3, 2012


Timeline.  Timeline.  This is my timeline.  Let's start at the beginning of the ages.....
Okay, now everyone memorizing the Classical Conversations timeline is working though the timeline song in their heads.  I'm just making sure you're reviewing over the break.  For those of you unfamiliar with the CC timeline, it's a timeline of history from creation to present day, including Biblical history.  I LOVE it.  I did not appreciate history when I learned it the first time around.  Learning this way has been incredibly rich, I am amazed how connected the history of the world actual is.
Back to the point.  Someone asked me if we could provide a timeline of the coming weeks to be praying specifically.  That's a great idea.  And if I'm being totally honest, I like order (or maybe to be in control) and making a calendar suits my type A personality very well, so here you go!  You can print this list here.  
Thank you.  
We are humbled and honored you would lift up our family. 
  • December 4: Home
  • December 5: Home
  • December 6: Radiology Consult for radiation in late Jan. or early Feb, Review all test results with transplant doctor (Dr. Giller), Sign Consents
  • December 7: Disney on Ice (a private suite has been given to us)
  • December 8: Home, Christmas light tour around Fort Collins
  • December 9: Home
  • December 10: Our last day home, Sam’s dad’s last day of treatment!
  • December 11: Esther’s admission to the hospital, hydration & premeds
  • December 12: Begin two, continuous four day infusions, a 3rd chemo drug once/day for three days
  • December 13: same
  • December 14: same
  • December 15: Just the two continuous infusion drugs.
  • December 16: Rest
  • December 17: Rest
  • December 18: Happy Birthday, Zinnia & Esther!, Rest
  • December 19: Stem Cell Infusion, Growth Factor drug to help her body attempt to create white blood cells
  • December 20: inpatient recovery, somewhere between 2-4 more week
Prayer Requests
  • For us all to seek the Lord, to be carried in His gracious arms.
  • Esther’s nausea and vomiting to be controlled, for pain control and minimal mouth sores
  • That God would keep Esther sweet & patient through her suffering
  • For the doctors and nurses (Dr. Giller-BMT, Dr. Tim-Primary Doc, Dr. Amy-Primary Fellow, Dr. Lui-Radiation, all the great nurses!)
  • For us all to remain healthy & virus free (colds, etc.)
  • Protection for Esther from any fungal or bacterial infections
  • For God’s love to be displayed to each hospital staff member with which we interact, that we would be filled with thankfulness
  • For wisdom for the hearts of  Rourke, Lydia, Frannie & Zinnia
  • For Esther’s FULL recovery
  • For our friends and the staff at Brent’s place
  • For blood and platelet donors & safe transfusions for Esther
  • For Sam’s dad, Larry, to recover well and for her mom, Tracie. 
  • For Anthony & Sam to be unified, practicing kindness & gentleness  with each other. 
  • Hearts, resting in God’s love and yielded to His will. 

P.S. Sorry for the weird issue with the text, I don't know what happened and my brain just doesn't care to figure it out!



  1. I was reading this while Kahlen was standing next to me. She wanted us to stop right then and pray, so we did. Thanks for the timeline, it helps us know how to pray for you each day. Have a great time at Disney on Ice, what a great treat! We love you guys and will continue to pray for you!

  2. Hey Sam! I know I don't comment on every post, but I read it in the body of my email, so I know what's up with you guys! Just letting you know that a) Mom and I are praying for you all, b) Your pictures of cuteness are still awesome and c) recently, I got to share this blog with a friend who has a relative that was recently diagnosed with cancer. She will read this blog as a resource as for what to expect.

    God is using you guys, and I know you know it, but just remember that no matter how much it hurts, He is using it and that is real!

    Much prayers from my mom and I!

  3. Reading this made my hands and feet cold... Both our girl celebrating their birthdays and christmas in the hospital for stem cell. Ahh the timing. PRAYING MUCH!! Know that I will be thinking about you guys and will pray each time I think of you! YOU GOT THIS ESTHER!